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Hands-on Experience You Can Trust Your Business With

We are not just another IT solutions company. Our experience has grown while working through the ranks of researchers, portfolio managers, risk managers and chief investment officers. We know how to build solutions because we know the problems, and have been successfully solving them to achieve great results.

02. Practical Approach Based on Common Sense

We do not reinvent bicycles; we simply know how to ride them. Common sense is a great foundation for building success, but often it is the fist thing that gets lost behind complex technologies. We bring it back and it works.


03. Growth Potential for Your Business

Whether your business is just looking to get started or is repositioning for growth, you can rest assured that our solutions will help you succeed. We are committed to providing you with top notch research, development, and support services.

about the founder

We  design solutions (software, systems, research tools and portfolio construction methods) for alternative investors, funds of funds, consultants, hedge funds, and managed accounts platforms.

We greatly value every client relationship. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise and our team will do everything we can to accomplish the tasks and give you the best overall competitive solution while controlling for cost, implementation speed, and maintenance requirements.In the new interconnected world running 24/7 we can work on almost any project almost anywhere practically at any time, including critical system support. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Baker's Lake Consulting, LLC


Dmitri Alexeev, Ph.D.

Dmitri has over 15 years of experience in financial markets covering a wide range of expertise in equity research, investable hedge fund index design, alternative portfolio construction, risk and portfolio management and system design.

Consulting services to help you advance and get the best out of your resources

Starting as Equity Research Analyst, moving on as Managing Director of Quantitative Research and Systems, eventually growing to Chief Investment Officer, Dmitri has at each stage of his career created tools, applications, and solutions for the tasks at hand. Equity Portfolio Management system, implementation of HFRX Investable Hedge Fund Index methodology, a complete build-up of Managed Accounts Infrastructure responsible for 100+ accounts with close to 10,000 positions processed daily and almost $5B AUM are among the major achievements, with each new step bringing a new level of sophistication and efficiency.This progressive hands-on experience is one of the main sources of our solutions success and reliability.