We welcome challenging problems. Our ability to find creative and effective solutions is what makes us to stand out from the crowd. Let us take a look at the issues you are facing with your systems and you will be surprised how much we can improve things for you. It works, we have done it.



Our abilities grow from multiple years of experience in all aspects of the investment business. Aggregating, managing, researching data and creating support infrastructure for portfolio, risk, and platform management has been done by us over and over, in many colors and flavors. We have been there, done that, have a T-shirt!

Experience You Can Trust

Baker's Lake Consulting, LLC


We guarantee effective and comprehensive solutions for your business. Our experienced team will strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Our approach is rooted in years of practical problem solving, from Quantitative Research to Portfolio Management and System Design. Systems and tools that we build have the potential to help grow your business, reduce your costs, simplify repetitive tasks, and allow you to focus on your clients instead of your infrastructure.

Consulting services to help you advance and get the best out of your resources